Phoenix Palassio Unveils India's Biggest Rabbit Installation to Enchant Visitors
Phoenix Palassio Unveils India's Biggest Rabbit Installation to Enchant Visitors

Phoenix Palassio Mall is thrilled to announce the official launch of its newest attraction - India's biggest Rabbit Installation. The grand unveiling event, held on Monday evening, was graced by celebrities like Tanisha Mukharji, Meera Chopra, Pooja Chopra, Chahatt Khanna and Manjari Fadnnis, adding glamour and excitement to the occasion.

This extraordinary installation features a 40-foot Rabbit Statue as its centerpiece, made using 60,000 flowers, providing visitors with a unique photo opportunity and an immersive experience unlike any other. The entire mall will be transformed into a rabbit-themed wonderland, complete with intricate decorations thematic elements, and interactive displays, extending far beyond the statue.

"The Bunny Land decor installation at Phoenix Palassio Mall is not just the biggest in the country but also a testament to our commitment to creating unforgettable experiences for our patrons," said Sanjeev Sareen, Senior Center Director of Phoenix Mills.

In addition to the breathtaking Rabbit Installation, Phoenix Palassio Mall will also kick off Rabbit-themed kids' activities starting from 17th May 2024, running for one month. These activities are set to engage and delight children, further enhancing the magical experience at Phoenix Palassio Mall.

"Our goal is to create a memorable and buzzworthy attraction that sets Phoenix Palassio apart as a leading destination for shopping and entertainment," Mr. Sareen added. The installation boasts interactive zones, including designated photo spots, selfie stations, and immersive displays, inviting visitors to explore and engage with the enchanting Bunny Land decor.

The vision behind this ambitious project is clear to boost foot traffic, increase visitor engagement, and solidify Phoenix Palassio's position as a trendsetter in experiential marketing and innovative decor installations.