Siliguri Urology Camp by MASSH a Success, Brings Hope and Healing
Siliguri Urology Camp by MASSH a Success, Brings Hope and Healing

Siliguri (West Bengal): Patients in and around Siliguri with urological conditions found renewed hope at a kidney stone and urology camp hosted by MASSH Super Speciality Hospital at Vanya Healthcare Clinic. A large number of people from Siliguri and its surrounding areas benefited from the medical services provided. The camp showcased cutting-edge treatments and addressed the needs of those who previously lacked access to specialized care. This initiative led by Dr. Ankit Goel, Head of the Department of Urology, Andrology & Uro-Oncology at MASSH Super Speciality Hospital in New Delhi, demonstrated MASSH's commitment to extending affordable and advanced care to regions beyond the national capital.


This initiative aimed to make advanced urological treatments accessible to the residents of Siliguri, West Bengal and its surrounding regions, who often lack access to specialized care. By offering travel assistance and discounted rates, MASSH sought to alleviate the financial and logistical barriers to receiving high-quality medical care.


Past camps organized by MASSH have significantly benefited patients from Siliguri, West Bengal.Two notable cases highlight this impact. One case involved a young boy with Hypospadias, a rare congenital condition requiring complex surgery. After unsuccessful consultations with local urologists, the family sought help from Dr. Goel. The boy was treated at MASSH in New Delhi, where he underwent successful surgery and recovered quickly. The family appreciated the travel assistance and discounted treatment costs provided by MASSH.


Another case featured a middle-aged man with a 1.5 cm kidney stone in the lower calyx faced a high risk of kidney puncture from surgery, causing him anxiety. Dr. Goel performed the surgery at MASSH using advanced tools like a flexible ureteroscope and a 100-watt holmium laser, significantly reducing complication risks. The surgery was successful, and the patient recovered quickly, aided by discounted treatment and travel support.


Dr. Ankit Goel emphasized the importance of advanced technology in urological treatments, stating, “The kidney stone was detected in the lower calyx and that can be a challenge for any surgeon operating without a flexible ureteroscope and advanced laser. However, at MASSH, with the use of such advanced technologies, we were able to successfully dust the stone. The patient recovered quickly within the next few hours and was very satisfied that he could get such an advanced treatment at a discounted rate and with travel assistance aid from MASSH.”


Mr. Hanish Bansal, Chairman & Executive Director of MASSH Super Speciality Hospital, highlighted the mission of the camp, stating, “MASSH's commitment to extending world-class medical services to regions where such facilities are often limited is exemplified through initiatives like the Siliguri Urology Camp. Our mission is to make urological care accessible and affordable, ensuring a significant difference in the lives of many patients."


MASSH Super Speciality Hospital is renowned for conducting complex kidney stone surgeries and providing advanced treatments for a wide range of urological, andrological, and uro-oncological conditions. The hospital offers specialized care for issues such as kidney stones, enlarged prostate, ureteric and urethral strictures, kidney cysts, male infertility, erectile dysfunction, and various urological cancers, ensuring comprehensive care for its patients.


This camp has once again demonstrated MASSH’s commitment to extending world-class medical services to regions where such facilities are often limited, making a significant difference in the lives of many patients.