Apollomedics Hospital organized annual walkathon
Apollomedics Hospital organized annual walkathon

Apollomedics Hospital successfully organized the second season of its annual walkathon, “Aao Chalen” aimed at promoting health and wellness.  More than 4000 people participated in this walkathon.  The program was started by waving off the flag from Apollomedics Hospital.  People of all ages participated enthusiastically in this walkathon.

With the slogan "Aao Chalen - Stay Healthy; Fight Diabetes", Apollomedics Hospital aims to make this health walk a medium of awareness, promoting a culture of health and fitness among the people of Lucknow.

 People of all classes participated in the “Aao Chalen” walkathon.  Expressing his excitement for the event, Dr. Mayank Somani, MD & CEO, Apollomedics, said, “This Health Walk is a celebration of taking care of your health and thank you all for making it a success.”

We hope that this initiative will not only promote healthy lifestyle but will also connect the community with a sense of well-being.

 Dr. Mayank Somani added, "We believe in the power of community engagement to lead to a healthy society. 'Aao Chalen' was an opportunity for everyone to come together and prioritize their health."