Child Development Clinic Launched at Apollomedics Hospital
Child Development Clinic Launched at Apollomedics Hospital

Apollomedics Super speciality Hospital has introduced the Child Development Clinic (CDC) to meet the increasing demand for specialized pediatric care. The clinic is dedicated to offering holistic care for children spanning from infancy to early adolescence, focusing on a variety of developmental and behavioral concerns.

Dr. Pranjali Saxena, Development Paediatrician at Apollomedics Super speciality Hospital, emphasized the importance of early intervention in child development. "Every child is unique, and their growth journey demands close observation and assistance. The CDC is committed to ensure that every child obtains the necessary attention and nurturing for their well-being."

With the rapid pace of modern life, developmental disorders have become increasingly common. Dr. Mayank Somani, CEO & MD of Apollomedics Super speciality Hospital, explained, "Factors like nuclear families, older parents, too much screen time, and high risk pregnancies are linked to the rise of developmental issues in children. The aim is to offer tailored services to tackle these problems and enhance the well-being of our young patients."

The Child Development Clinic at Apollomedics Super speciality Hospital offers a wide range of services, including assessments for high-risk newborns, difficulties related to learning and attention, autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, speech and communication disorders, and more. The clinic conducts thorough developmental monitoring and assessments, language delay assessments, neurological assessments, and growth monitoring to ensure timely detection and intervention.

Dr. Saxena highlighted the importance of timely detection and intervention, stating, "Early identification of developmental issues is crucial for improving outcomes for children. By providing specialized care and support, we can empower children to reach their full potential and contribute to building a healthier nation."

Parents who are concerned about their child's development should talk with their paediatrician or visit the Child Development Clinic at Apollomedics Super speciality Hospital for personalised care and assistance.