Discussion on Modern Medical Technology and Experience in the Field of Orthopedics at IOA Conference 2023
Discussion on Modern Medical Technology and Experience in the Field of Orthopedics at IOA Conference 2023

The Indian Orthopedic Association (IOA) Conference 2023 witnessed an in-depth discussion on the future of orthopedic advancements on its second day. Eminent specialists participated, sharing their knowledge and experiences on significant topics.

During a crucial session on Saturday, specialists emphasized understanding the responsibilities towards elderly patients and shared insights and knowledge about orthopedic care tailored to their needs.

Dr. Vineet Sharma, the Scientific Chairman, expressed his views on the importance of conference and said 'We are focusing on charting the course for the future of orthopedic surgery. The IOA conference, themed 'Navigating Into the Future,' has successfully explored unprecedented possibilities in the orthopedic field.'

Dr. Anup Agrawal, the Scientific Secretary, said, 'There is a prevalent deficiency of Vitamin D among children nowadays, increasing the risk of deformities. The lack of adequate calcium levels in readily available market milk is one reason. Additionally, children are becoming more reliant on items like pasta and instant noodles, while our traditional Indian meals which  include dal, vegetables, roti, salads, provide sufficient calcium and Vitamin D. Our understanding of pediatric orthopedics has improved. Common issues like elbow or knee misalignments can now be treated without surgery or successfully through operative measures. Specialization in orthopedics has become pivotal, with the emergence of pediatric orthopedic specialties.'

Dr. Santosh Singh, Treasurer of IOA Conference 2023, emphasized addressing complexities in the knee and said, 'Arthroplasty amidst the burgeoning landscape of orthopedics. Effective strategies were extensively discussed during today's sessions. The conference presented a glimpse of upcoming trends and innovations. Orthopedic experts at the symposium deliberated on evolving technologies shaping the future of this field."