Doctors at Apollo Medics Hospital Lucknow reconstruct  hand of a 4-year- Taekwondo gold medalist.
Doctors at Apollo Medics Hospital Lucknow reconstruct hand of a 4-year- Taekwondo gold medalist.

•    Taekwondo’s Gold medalist and world championship aspirant gets another chance after doctors saved her hands from a freak incident.

Showcasing extraordinary medical expertise, the doctors at Apollomedics Hospital Lucknow have reconstructed the right hand of a 4-year-old taekwondo player crushed in an escalator at Ghaziabad railway station.
Agrima Singh, a four-year-old gold medalist in Taekwondo, had almost lost her dream of becoming a world champion player when her left hand got crushed in an escalator at Ghaziabad Railway Station three months ago.

Agrima, along with other players, was returning from a Taekwondo tournament in Noida, clinching the prestigious gold medal, when her right hand was accidentally crushed by an escalator.

Agrima’s parents showed her at a  hospital in Noida where they were even advised to have an amputation to prevent any further infection in the body.

Finally, the girl was referred to ApolloMedics Hospitals in Lucknow, known for their exceptional expertise in treating complex cases. The hospital’s team of skilled plastic surgeons, Dr. Nikhil Puri and Dr. Ashish Ukey swiftly took charge of the situation. They understood the urgency and complexity of reconstructing the young girl's hand, not just saving it but also restoring its normal form and function.

The team of doctors embarked on a journey fraught with challenges yet driven by their unwavering commitment to the well-being of their young patients.

Through a meticulous surgery the plastic surgeons carefully reconstructed the crushed hand, painstakingly piecing it back together like a jigsaw puzzle. Their expertise and precision were evident as they delicately manoeuvred through the intricate network of bones, muscles, and nerves.

“The reconstruction has been successful, and the child has resumed her everyday chores and can return to her sport after a few months," said Dr. Nikhil Puri, plastic surgeon at Apollomedics Hospital Lucknow.
“In the face of adversity, this 4-year-old girl has showcased remarkable resilience and strength. Her journey from a devastating accident to a remarkable recovery is a testament to the power of skilled medical professionals and the indomitable human spirit. Dr. Nikhil Puri and Dr. 

Ashish Ukey, through their expertise and relentless efforts, have given this young girl a second chance at life," said Dr. Mayank Somani, CEO and MD at Apollomedics Lucknow.