Enhancing the Quality of Education: Bharti Airtel Foundation and Directorate of School Education, Jammu Join Hands to Empower Teachers
Enhancing the Quality of Education: Bharti Airtel Foundation and Directorate of School Education, Jammu Join Hands to Empower Teachers

Jammu, India - In a significant step towards improving quality of education and teaching practices in Jammu schools, Bharti Airtel Foundation and the Directorate of School Education, Jammu, came together to launch ‘Professional Development Initiative for Teachers,’ on 14 May 2024. The Foundation is supporting the government in Jammu Division to build capacities of teachers while enabling them to build an understanding about Foundational Literacy and Numeracy (FLN), Pedagogical Skills and Teaching Learning Materials (TLMs). 

Central to this mission is TheTeacherApp which serves as a comprehensive resource hub for educators, providing access to a wealth of teaching materials and tech. integrated strategies. The 

initiative has received an exceptional response, with 18,526 teachers registering on the app since its launch. The workshops organised as part of the initiative provided teachers in Jammu with valuable knowledge about FLN principles and effective teaching methods. Within the first two days, over 10,000 teachers participated in webinars on the app, demonstrating their enthusiasm to improve their teaching abilities. 

In the upcoming phase of the program, educators will have the chance to engage in Reflective Learning using TheTeacherApp, starting on June 14, 2024. The goal is to engage them through competition, allowing them to participate in self-paced webinars and expert-created courses centered on different themes. Educators can select topics of interest to deepen their knowledge, improve their teaching methods, and share their insights through video submissions. Outstanding submissions will have the opportunity to showcase their learnings and good practices through podcasts on the app, inspiring larger teaching community on the app to uplift their schools. 

The competition offers educators a platform to share creative ideas and enhance educational institutions in Jammu together. The active participation of teachers in the overall initiative is vital for its success along with close participation of District Nodal Offices under Directorate of Education, Jammu. It aims to create a lasting impact in classrooms by enhancing the educational landscape in the state. Upon completion of the program, teachers will attain certifications by successfully passing three assessments on FLN, Teaching Learning Material, and Pedagogy. These 

certifications will be offered in partnership with the Directorate of School Education Jammu. Through this partnership teachers of Jammu Division are encouraged to avail the exclusive opportunity to learn, improve their skills, and engage with a vibrant community of educators dedicated to excellence.