IOA Conference lucknow 2023 inaugurated will spotlight future medical technologies in orthopedic treatment
IOA Conference lucknow 2023 inaugurated will spotlight future medical technologies in orthopedic treatment

The four-day-long 68th annual conference of the Indian Orthopedic Association, IOA Conference 2023, was grandly inaugurated on Thursday.  This conference was inaugurated by the Chief Guest, Honorable Minister of State for Medical Education, Medical and Health and Family Welfare, Government of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Mayankeshwar Singh, Guest of Honor Justice (Retd.) of Delhi High Court, J.R.  Midha and President, American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons Dr. Kevin Bozik.  The four-day conference will bring together orthopedic surgeons, delegates and medical industry professionals to share their experience and knowledge in insightful discussions, cutting-edge presentations and thought-provoking workshops.

Dr. Sanjeev Awasthi and Dr. Shubh Mehrotra, Chairman of the Organizing Committee, expressed their gratitude towards the participants and highlighted the importance of IOA Conference Lucknow 2023 in shaping the future of orthopedics in India.  The four-day conference will include a diverse series of scientific sessions, live surgery demonstrations, seminars and interactive workshops covering a broad spectrum of orthopedic specialties.

Dr. Santosh Singh, Treasurer, IOA Conference said, “Through the IOA Conference, together we have embarked on a journey towards the future of advanced medical technology in the field of orthopedics. Through this conference, we all strive to  move forward in making advanced technology accessible and affordable to all while ensuring equitable health care for all."

 Dr. Sanjeev Awasthi said, “The conference will provide insightful discussions, informative sessions and networking opportunities to promote advancements in the field of orthopedics. The IOA Conference Lucknow 2023 is an important event that will definitely take the medical community towards a progressive future. ”

Dr. Shubh Mehrotra said, “The IOA Conference Lucknow 2023 is successfully paving the way towards the future of orthopedic care by fostering knowledge exchange, innovation and collaboration. The impact of the conference will continue as delegates will share their new knowledge and  skills into practice, leading to better patient outcomes and a brighter future for orthopedics in India.”

 Dr Anoop Agarwal said, “The IOA Conference Lucknow 2023 is providing an environment where knowledge and innovation are converging. This will pave the way for a future where orthopedic care will reach new heights.”

 Organizing Secretary Dr. Jamal Ashraf expressed his enthusiasm for the IOA Conference Lucknow 2023, saying, “It is not just a conference but a reflection of the dedication of orthopedic experts towards their work and keeping themselves updated with the developments in the field.  "