Medical Experts discussed new methods to diagnose and cure cancer through a CME
Medical Experts discussed new methods to diagnose and cure cancer through a CME

Aiming to enhance the understanding in the development of cancer treatment, Shanya Scans and Theranostics and Neuberg diagnostics organised an engaging session for medical professionals at The Centrum Lucknow.
The event discussed in detail the latest progress in cancer and fetal medicine research, diagnosis, and treatment.

Some of the important sessions delivered by experts included advances in nuclear medicine, agnostic approvals in oncology, and the role of NGS in biliary tract cancer, among others.
Dr. Narvesh Kumar Director and Head Shanya Scan and Theranostics said, “The CME had a distinguished group of experts who shared their valuable insights and research findings, equipping attendees with the necessary tools to enhance patient care and improve cancer treatment, fetal medicine, and gynaecological practices within our community.”
Dr. Jay Mehta, President and Head, Neuburg Oncopath, said, “Our organisation is driven by a research-based approach that also expands our horizons, exploring ways to save more lives. Through this CME, we had experts under one roof who shared their experience, which certainly added to the knowledge base of everyone.”

Dr. Satya Sarangi, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical Oncology, SGPGI Lucknow, said, “The CME was a crucial event as medical education is very dynamic and its nuances keep advancing with time. As a teaching professional, I have to present my students with the latest trends in the field of cancer treatment, for which the platform of CME was just right."
Dr Saurabh Mishra director medical oncology tender palm hospital, said, “ The country has rising burden of cancer patients hence the educational sessions to improve the pool of knowledge within the medical fraternity becomes a pre-requisite to better patients care.”