ApolloMedics Hospital Extends Hope and Assistance to Childless Couples
ApolloMedics Hospital Extends Hope and Assistance to Childless Couples

ApolloMedics Hospital organized a significant event on Sunday aimed at guiding and counseling childless couples who desire parenthood. A free counseling session held at the hospital's "In Vitro Fertilization"(IVF )OPD department, aimed to provide accurate information and support to couples facing Infertility struggles.

As part of its commitment to assisting childless couples, ApolloMedics Hospital announced a special 20% discount on all services for such individuals. Additionally, an extra ?10,000 discount was offered on IVF Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) , making reproductive  more accessible to those in need.
Infertility expert Dr. Radhika Bajpai from Apollo Medics graced the occasion, her expertise and empathetic demeanor providing solace and hope to attendees. Dr. Bajpai stressed the importance of comprehensive care in addressing reproductive issues, stating, "Every couple embarking on the journey to parenthood requires extensive support and personalized attention. Our aim is not only to provide medical solutions but also to offer emotional and psychological support, empowering couples to navigate this challenging phase of life."

Dr. Mayank Somani, MD and CEO of ApolloMedics Super Specialty Hospital,  reaffirmed the hospital's commitment to providing modern medical facilities and compassionate support to all individuals without discrimination. He stated, "At ApolloMedics Hospital, we are dedicated to delivering healthcare and innovative solutions to every individual, particularly when it comes to fulfilling the dreams of parenthood for childless couples."

The positive response from all participants at the free counseling session highlighted ApolloMedics Hospital's ongoing dedication to meeting the diverse healthcare needs of the Lucknow community. The hospital remains committed to organizing programs that offer hope, guidance, and support to those in need.