Nostalgia was engulfed as Rambo Circus came live at Phoenix Palassio
Nostalgia was engulfed as Rambo Circus came live at Phoenix Palassio

The 90’s era has the joy of watching live the incredible acts of dare devilry and fun etched in the memory of most people when circuses used to be a regular event in most Indian cities.

Bringing back the same sense of nostalgia, Phoenix Palassio, Lucknow, hosted a Rambo circus during a four-day event that started on November 23 and will continue till November 26th at the mall.

Performing some of the classic tricks, the artists from Rambo Circus performed acts like Globe of Death, Flying Trapeze, German Wheel, Rolla Bolla, skating, and ladder balance.
“It was like going back in time for an hour and witnessing the most entertaining circus act live after so many years. More people should come and witness the endless joy that one experiences while watching the circus after so many years. The acts are phenomenal and can’t be missed”, said Anmol Jain, who attended the Rambo circus event at Phoenix Palassio.
Mr. Sanjeev Sarin, Senior Centre Director, Phoenix Mills Ltd, said, "The event is filled with nostalgia and excitement as we organise a four-day show of rambo circus. Our patrons thoroughly enjoyed the show on its first day and wish to see an overwhelming response from people who visit the mall and witness some of the best acts and tricks. For the convenience of all, the event was organised in the most hygienic manner.”