Robotic surgery helps remove tumor equivalent in size to a muskmelon
Robotic surgery helps remove tumor equivalent in size to a muskmelon

Noida - In a groundbreaking medical feat, a massive adrenal tumor was successfully extracted from a 59-year-old patient using robotic surgery at Fortis Hospital in Noida. Led by Dr. Piyush Varshney, Additional Director of Urology, the surgical team employed the state-of-the-art da Vinci robotic system to tackle the challenging tumor, measuring 12x11.5x8 cm.
Dr Varshney said, 'The patient showed no symptoms, and his tumor, Adrenal Incidentaloma was detected incidentally during a routine ultrasound. Surgical removal is often necessary when these tumors exceed 4cm in size. These tumors are often highly vascular and pose surgical challenges due to their location near the spleen, pancreas, and kidney. The da Vinci system’s precision allowed us to successfully remove the entire tumor in under two hours with minimal blood loss, and we discharged the patient on the second postoperative day.
Expanding on the details about Adrenal Tumors, Dr. Varshney emphasized that an adrenal tumor is a growth on the adrenal gland located deep within the abdomen above the kidneys, near vital organs. Approximately 70% of Adrenal tumors exceeding 4 cm in size are typically benign, while the remaining 30% are malignant, indicating cancerous growth. These tumors are relatively prevalent, impacting up to 7% of individuals aged 70 and above. Therefore, it's imperative to remove tumors that are more than 4 cm in size and sent for biopsy. Although the precise causes remain elusive, genetic factors sometimes play a role in their development.
According to Mr. Mohit Singh, Zonal Director at Fortis Hospital Noida, 'Robot-aided surgery offers numerous advantages over traditional methods, including reduced risk of infection, minimal blood loss, decreased pain, smaller scars, shorter hospital stays, and faster recovery times. Moreover, robot-aided surgery not only enhances patient safety but also improves surgical outcomes, making it the preferred option for complex procedures across various medical specialties.
This success underscores the crucial role of cutting-edge technology and the unwavering dedication of our medical team," Dr. Varshney emphasized, extending gratitude to his colleagues, including Dr. Ritesh and Dr. Mayank, the anesthesia team led by Dr. Anutam and Dr. Suneva, and Dr. Anupam for ensuring the patient's readiness for surgery.
'Fortis Hospital is committed to providing patients with access to the latest medical technologies. We are proud to be at the forefront of surgical innovation. Our investment in advanced technology empowers our doctors to achieve exceptional results' concluded Mr. Mohit Singh.