The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry partnered with Global New Energies and Technologies through digital agriculture to double farmers' income, in collaboration with Satyukt Analytics Pvt.
The Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry partnered with Global New Energies and Technologies through digital agriculture to double farmers' income, in collaboration with Satyukt Analytics Pvt.

Global New Energies & Technologies, in a significant collaboration supported by the Associated Chamber of Commerce & Industry, UP and UK chapters, has initiated the 'Sat2Farm' mobile application to double farmers' incomes through digital agriculture. This initiative aims to provide farmers access to various agricultural facilities through a mobile application, enhancing not just their crop yield but also improving their overall lifestyle.

Developed by Satyukt Analytics Private Limited, the 'Sat2Farm' app aims to bridge the digital gap for farmers, providing them with a platform to effectively understand and utilize digital methods. Farmers can install the application on their mobile phones, enabling them to benefit from a wide range of agricultural solutions.

The application includes features such as soil testing, weather forecasts, information about nutrients in the soil (SP, N²,K), awareness about harmful pests, seasonal bacteria, and diseases. Collaborating with Global New Energies, Satyukt Analytics, Anndata Logistics, and Amaya Infotech are actively promoting this initiative across various districts of Uttar Pradesh, empowering farmers.

This unprecedented approach not only addresses agricultural challenges but also increases awareness among farmers, enabling them to make informed decisions for crop safety and sustainability. Under the leadership of Mr. Anirudh Kumar, the technical team is diligently overseeing the implementation of this initiative, dedicated to its success.

Mr. D.P. Singh, Chairman of the Associated Chamber of Commerce & Industry for UP and UK, expressed his thoughts on this transformative initiative, acknowledging it as a commendable effort: "Global New Energies & Technologies and Satyukt Logistics to empower our farmers. By embracing digital agriculture, they're not just enhancing productivity but also contributing to the economic upliftment of the farming community."

Senior Vice President, Mr. Mukesh Bahadur Singh, emphasized the significance of technological advancement in agriculture, highlighting its indispensable role in today's rapidly evolving world. He asserted that extending technology to agriculture isn't just inevitable but necessary for sustained development, securing a prosperous future for our farmers.

Mr.Abhitosh Asthana, Managing Partner of Global New Energies and Technologies, shed light on the key features of the 'Set to Farm' app, stating, 'Our goal is to empower farmers with information and tools that can transform their agricultural practices. The 'Set to Farm' app encompasses a wide range of solutions from soil testing to pest control, providing farmers with a comprehensive digital platform.'

Director of Annadata Logistics India Private Limited, Mr.Shashank Giri, highlighted the practical benefits for farmers, stating, 'Through this collaboration, we're not only focusing on digital literacy for farmers but also addressing their real-time challenges. The design of the 'Set to Farm' app is aimed at presenting practical solutions that significantly impact crop yield and the livelihoods of farmers.'

Promoter of Amaya Infotech, Mr. Deepak Kumar, emphasized collaborative efforts, saying, 'The success of this initiative lies in collaboration. Amaya Infotech is proud to be part of this collective effort aimed at bringing positive changes to farmers' lives. It's heartening that everyone has come together on one platform to uplift farmers.'

Promoter of Global Agri Infotech, Shri Anirudh Kumar, stressed the importance of technology-driven agriculture, stating, 'Modernizing agriculture through technology is the need of the hour. Global Agri Infotech is committed to promoting initiatives that consistently bring progress in agricultural practices. This collaboration is a step towards creating a technology-savvy and prosperous farming community.'

Mr. R.K.Gupta Ex Government Official. Chairman Social and Agri Committee Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industry UP and UK and an Agritech Expert presented the utility and functions of the technology and explain how useful it is for farmers